Awards & Recognitions

The Ready Store has been recognized as the best food storage and emergency supplies company 5 years in a row! We know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to food storage and emergency supplies and we’re glad that you’ve chosen to work with us. We work hard everyday to make sure that you have a great experience, have your questions answered and get your products quickly. While awards are nice, we know that it really means that we have happy customers - so, If there is any thing you need or simply have a question, feel free to email, chat or call us any time!

What Our Customers Are Saying

It's not just other websites that are talking about how great we are! Take a look at some of the happy customers we've had over the years!

Top Reviews

Rick W. Columbus, Ohio
I have been shopping with The Ready Store for a couple years now and must say they have a loyal customer in me. I find their website to be informative, easy to navigate, and chock full of variety and great prices.
Sandra T. Bradenton, Florida
The Ready Store is my favorite emergency preparedness source. I love their blogs and videos as well as the honesty in which they run their business. I like that it is a family owned and has stood the test of time, not many have in this industry. Lastly, I have a crush on Jeff! Seems like a great guy who I would love to work for.
Linda S. Tracy, California
Often, you don't find out how good a company is until something goes wrong. The one problematic order I had with The Ready Store was remedied quickly and professionally. I had the sense that they would do anything to keep me happy. In the end, great experience has me coming back again and again.
Josh Hall
I always go into the store to purchase my food storage and the staff is always friendly and helpful and take as much time as I need to answer all of my questions. I also love that they have free samples out of some of their products so that way I actually know what they taste like and won't find out in an emergency that my family hates it! Yes their products are pricier than some other places, however, the other places I've shopped at that have lower prices can't or won't tell you when those products were packaged--which is really important when food storage only lasts so long. Every time I purchase from The Ready Store, they tell me exactly when they received the products I'm purchasing and they've always been within that year, usually within a month or two or me buying them. This is peace of mind that my food will actually have a 25+ year shelf life and not just 10 or 15 years. I'd recommend anyone stop in and check out their store.
Cheri Madeja
I just received my order from the ready store and everything arrived just fine and in a timely manner. I like my sales person who is always ready to assist me if I need it. I also really like all the info you provide on your website such as the how to's and videos. I am glad you have your readers add their own comments as I learn a lot from others also. Keep up the good work! I am already working on another order that I hope to complete in the next day or so. Your company is a pleasure to do business with.
Mike Knowles
I have made several purchases from the Ready Store and have always been completely satisfied. Also, and more important - the Ready Store has a price guarantee. I bought an item, they delivered as usual. Then I found the same item at a cheaper price. I reported the price difference to the Ready Store and they IMMEDIATELY refunded the difference!!! Can't beat that for standing behind your promise. Buy from the Ready Store, you can't go wrong
Jean Pratt
I have called in orders and also ordered on line. The service for both has been prompt and courteous. The cases of food have arrived in good shape and there has been no damage to any cans. Admittedly I haven't opened the cans to eat the food. There are only 3 of us here and those open cans don't last as long. Tiffany was able to help me get even more than my original order, and make some good suggestions. I very much appreciate her help!
Lorry Tigner
I have been purchasing goods from the Ready Store for several years and find their service impeccable. The quality of foods purchased have been of high quality and consistent with their descriptions as posted on line. Highly recommend!!!
Cheryl Creekmore
Marc at the Ready Store is great. I make up my order, copy it into an email and send it to him. He calls and gets the payment information and it is done. I get notified when there are specials, which is when I buy things, so give him a call. He will definitely take care of you. I have never been disappointed in their products.