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Helpful Uses for Plastic Bags

07 Mar, 2013 5
Helpful Uses for Plastic Bags
Plastic bags can become a great multi-use item because they are so cheap and plentiful! Instead of just throwing them away, use them again and again for gardening, to make rope, make clothing and more! Check out these ideas on how you can use plastic bags to help you in any situation that might be foolish enough to challenge you! Line Cracked Vases Thinking of throwing out that prized vase because it has a crack from top to bottom? Don’t do it! Simply line the vase with the plastic bag before you fill it with water. Then you’re free to add flowers in the top and not worry about cleaning up a mess. Treat Chapped Hands Rub a thick layer of petroleum jelly on your hands and wrap them in a plastic bag. Your body will heat up the petroleum jelly just enough to soak in and relieve any cracks and dry spots. You’ll have supple hands in about 15 minutes. Crochet
Keep Steel Wool from Rusting Next time you have to use steel wool in water, throw it in a plastic bag after you’re done. This should keep it from rusting too much. Catch Fruits from a Tree Have a fruit tree in your yard but don’t want the fruit landing everywhere on your lawn? If you can tell that a fruit is getting ripe, tie a bag around the branch that will catch the fruit so it doesn’t fall on the ground. This will also protect fruit from bugs and frost. Make Rope
Clean off Car Mirrors If it snows, you’re going to have to clean off your windows. However, sometimes it’s hard to get your scraper on the small mirrors of your car. If you know it’s going to snow, tie a bag around the mirror and remove them in the morning. No ice to scrape off! Pack your Sandy Sandals A day at the beach can be tainted when you have to clean out all the sand you tracked into your car. Instead, place the sandals or shoes inside of a plastic bag and tie them up. Plan for an extra pair of Fuse Plastic Together If you fuse plastic bags together they become more sturdy and durable. You can then use the plastic sheets as you would a cloth and make bags, clothes, etc.
What have you done? Comment below to tell us what you’ve used plastic bags for. We’d love to hear what you’ve done! You might also be interested in reading: - Make Your Own Natural Deodorant -  - How to Make Your Own Vinegar - 

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