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15 Ways Duct Tape Could Save Your Life

by admin 23 Aug 2012

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You can do some amazing things with duct tape! Its uses range from house repair, hunting, space travel, clothing and more! People have used duct tape for every purpose imaginable. That is why duct tape is such a versatile tool to have in your emergency supplies!

Check out 15 of these uses for duct tape that could save your life! Comment below the article to tell us what amazing uses you’ve found for the shiny tape!

1. Catch flies and mosquitos

Flies and other insects can be annoying and, at times, can spread dangerous by spreading diseases. Sometimes it’s easier to get rid of flies instead of continually swatting at them. Place down strips of duct tape sticky side facing up. The flies will land on them and be trapped.

2. Short-term auto hose fix

Until you can get to your mechanic, duct tape is a dependable and strong repair for broken water hoses in your car. By no means is this a permanent fix. Duct tape will usually only stand up to 200-degree temperatures. Duct tape can also not be used to repair gas line leaks. The gas will dissolve the duct tape adhesive.

3. Temporarily hem your pants

Need to make your jeans a little shorter but don’t have a thick enough needle to pierce through the material? Fake it with duct tape! Fold up the jeans to where you need them and apply the duct tape to the inside of the pant. It should last through a few washes too!

4. Keep a secret key

One of the great things about duct tape is that it can stick to nearly anything. You can use it to keep an extra key under your car, in your yard or some other secret place.

5. Roofing shingle

If you have shingles missing and you know a storm is coming, you’ll need to act quickly. Place duct tape around a piece of ¼-inch plywood. Wedge the plank into place and it should repel storm water until you can get it repaired properly.

6. Make clothes waterproof

We’ve all seen people make purses and prom dresses out of duct tape. But one of the great things about duct tape is that it’s water resistant. You could repair waterproof clothing and even create your own line of waterproof clothing.

7. Extra insulation

Make your shoes or boots a little warmer by taping the inside of the boots with duct tape. Place the shiny side of the duct tape towards your feet and it will reflect the heat back towards you!

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8. Repair tent poles

Have a busted tent pole or fishing pole? Quickly and easily repair it with duct tape.

9. Make rope

Stick one edge of the duct tape to something, pull out long pieces and then start twirling. You’ll create a sturdy piece of duct tape rope in no time!

10. Make/repair a boat

I remember in high school physics class we were assigned to make a boat purely out of cardboard and duct tape. (I’m proud to say that we passed with flying colors!) Like we’ve mentioned above, duct tape is a great waterproofing material. You can repair small holes and leaks in a boat.

11. Protect yourself from ticks

If you’re out hiking, working in the yard or just have a lot of ticks around the house, strap some duct tape around your pant cuffs to keep those blood suckers out!

Did you know?

Duct tape really was called duck tape! Duct tape started as a solution during WWII for the military when they needed a flexible, durable, waterproof tape. It was originally used for medical purposes and colored army green but was soon transitioned into everything from sealing ammunition to repairing jeeps. It was called duck tape because it was waterproof like a duck. After the war, it got it's silver color when it transitioned into heating and air conditioner repair.


12. Cracked toilet seat

Now, this might not be a life-or-death situation, but it can seem dire. If your toilet bowl seat is cracked, you can repair it with duct tape to give yourself a temporary relief and solution to your toilet troubles.

13. Homemade band-aid

Have a smaller cut but no band-aids? Simply use a piece of duct tape to strap across your sore!

14. Create a splint or sling

Use duct tape and a solid object to prevent your broken arm or leg from moving too much. Don’t tape too tightly though, you don’t want to cut off circulation. You can also make some duct tape rope with duct tape padding to create an emergency sling.  

15. Make a spear

Tape an arrowhead or shard piece to a stick and you have a spear ready for hunting and helping you find that perfect emergency dinner.

What other ideas do you have?

There are tons of things that you can do with duct tape! This is only a list of 15. For example, you can also make your own shoes with duct tape! So, we know there are tons of ideas out there. What have you used duct tape for in your emergency preparation? Comment below and share the knowledge.

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