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5 Ways to Elevate Recipes Using Freeze-Dried Fruit

by Shopify API 01 Sep 2023

5 Ways to Elevate Your Recipes Using Freeze-Dried Fruit

We all have recipes that we know and love, crowd pleasers that are tried and true. For many of us, we often look for ways to mix up the norm with our favorites, adding our own spin on a classic. And for that, freeze-dried fruits stand out as a game-changer. These remarkable morsels of nature's goodness offer a unique twist, infusing dishes with intense flavors, mesmerizing textures, and a vibrant aesthetic appeal. If you're a foodie, or even just a busy mom, eager to add a dash of creativity to your recipes, you're in for a treat.

Join us as we uncover five ingenious ways to elevate your culinary creations using the magic of freeze-dried fruits. Whether you're a seasoned chef or an amateur cook with a flair for experimentation, these ideas are sure to spice things up. 

Freeze-dried fruits, with their concentrated taste and delicate crunch, are the perfect addition to so many recipes and foods. In this blog, we'll delve into the art of transforming ordinary recipes into extraordinary delights using freeze-dried fruits. The best part? Freeze-dried fruit will last on your shelf for up to 30 years. Stop stressing about fresh fruit from the grocery store going bad, and simplify! Freeze-dried fruit offers the same nutritional value as fresh fruit, making it a no-brainer as a kitchen staple. Plus, buying freeze-dried means you'll be prepared for everyday emergencies, and whatever else life has to throw at you.

1. Elevate a Box Cake Mix

Raspberry Cake

Alright, let's take that regular old box cake mix and jazz it up with some freeze-dried fruit magic! First, grab your favorite freeze-dried fruit - Saratoga Farms Freeze-Dried Strawberries, Saratoga Farms Freeze-Dried Blueberries, Saratoga Farm Freeze-Dried Raspberries, you name it! 

Then, take a handful and crush them up. Be sure not to crush them too small, your hand should be able to break them into smaller pieces just fine. Toss them in your cake mix and stir! The liquid in the cake mix will rehydrate the freeze-dried fruit. If you want more crunch, consider adding less liquid. If you want your fruit a little more rehydrated, add just a tablespoon or two more water, or milk. 

Your box cake mix is now infused with fruity flavor! You can also mix in crushed freeze-dried fruit with any frosting, or use it to garnish. This will absolutely be a crowd-pleaser and add the wow factor to any cake you make.

2. Summer Milkshake

Maybe you're in the mood for a refreshing, delicious, summer milkshake? We've got just the thing. Try a new freeze-dried fruit for this one, Saratoga Farms Freeze-Dried Mangos will be to die for!

Once you've picked your fruity flavor, gently crush up the fruit. Add a few heaping scoops of vanilla ice cream to the blender, add your fruit, and a splash of milk. Now, blend! If you want the flavor to be more prominent, add more freeze-dried fruit and blend again. The milk and ice cream will do the rehydration. Top with whipped cream for the ultimate milkshake. Enjoy creamy, fruity goodness!


3. Oatmeal or Overnight Oats

Dessert is wonderful, but now let's talk breakfast. Here's how to sprinkle some freeze-dried magic into your morning. Freeze-dried fruit makes the perfect addition to any breakfast, particularly oatmeal or overnight oats. Some fan-favorites for oatmeal are Saratoga Farms Freeze-Dried Apples, Saratoga Farms Freeze-Dried Blueberries, or for an even better twist, Saratoga Farms Freeze-Dried Cinnamon Apples.

For oatmeal, cook your oatmeal like you usually do - stovetop or microwave both work great. When your oatmeal is almost ready, toss in a handful or your fruit. Stir in gently, and watch those fruits rehydrate and add a burst of flavor. You can also top it with a drizzle of honey or some chopped nuts. P.S. This is one of my favorite camping meals, so easy!

For overnight oats, pick out a jar or a container, something with a lid. Add your oats, a splash or milk, and a dollop of yogurt. Now throw in your freeze-dried fruit. Mix everything together, put the lid on, and place it in the fridge overnight. In the morning your oats will be creamy and fruit, and your freeze-dried fruit will be rehydrated and delicious.

4. Dessert Topping

All of these ideas are delicious, and hard to beat, but this one might be the best one yet. Try using freeze-dried fruit as a topping on any and all of your favorite desserts. 

Using Saratoga Farms Freeze-Dried Strawberries, make a quick and easy compote to top your cheesecake. Mouth-wateringly delicious. The best part, you don't have to stress about the fresh strawberries, you've already got freeze-dried strawberries with a 30 year shelf life. 

Or use your freeze dried fruit as a healthy ice cream topping. The crunch of the freeze-dried fruit makes the most amazing texture on top of ice cream. Don't forget the whipped cream!


5. Dutch Oven Cobbler

Finally, Dutch oven cobbler! Cobbler is the quintessential camping dessert. But sometimes, bringing fresh fruit camping is more of a hassle than it is worth. Freeze-dried fruit is lightweight, easy to pack, and doesn't go bad, making it perfect for camp cobbler. Try Saratoga Farm Freeze-Dried Peaches for a wonderful peach cobbler. 

Use your favorite cobbler recipe, and simply replace the fruit called for with your freeze-dried fruit. No need to rehydrate; they'll do that as they cook. Cook as you normally would, and next thing you know you'll be eating the most delicious, cozy cobbler. Don't forget the ice cream! 






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