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Top 10 Mistakes of Emergency Preparedness

by ben 13 Aug 2009
1. Not Having an Emergency Plan
Many people wait until it's too late to make a plan for emergency preparedness.  There are so many things that can occupy our time and attention that it's hard to look forward to what might be coming ahead.  However, if you will prepare now, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a plan and are working towards accomplishing it.
2. Not Having a Contingency plan
When creating your plan, make sure that it can be used for the many different worst-case scenarios that can happen.  Take a look at the different types of disasters that are likely to happen in your area and make sure you have a deep multi-scenario plan for each.
3. Not Updating Your Plan
Some people fall into the trap where they think that they are prepared, but it's been so long since they have checked in on that plan that they really don't remember it, or circumstances have changed that make it important to change your plan.  For instance, you may have some food stored up, but have you checked the expiration dates lately?
4. Not Storing Clean Water
Many people think about storing extra food, but forget about the importance of storing an adequate supply of clean water.  Remember that you can go longer without food than you can without water.
5. Not Storing Enough Food
You may have reached a certain point in storing food where you think you have enough.  The problem is that when the time comes, who wants to have to ration out food?  Make sure you have enough to spare so that you can live comfortably in an emergency situation.
6. Not Having a "Grab-N-Go" Kit
Space can be limited, and so it's easy to not think about getting your Grab-n-go supplies ready.  The average kit only takes up a little space and is well worth it.  You are more likely to run into a situation that needs a Grab-N-Go kit for a short-term emergency than just about anything else.
7. Not Sorting Shelter-In-Place Supplies
So you have food and water, but do you have everything you would need to survive in case the local stores are all closed and you need a shelter in place?  There are many things we use each day that we might take for granted such as tooth paste, or deodorant.
8. Not Storing a Sanitation Kit
Some people think that plumbers should be paid more than doctors because they prevent disease.  Having a good sanitation kit can help prevent illness and disease for your family during an emergency.  Don't buy into the idea that there will always be a bathroom for you to use.
9. Not having a reliable Light and Communication Device
It is so important that you have a way to keep connected with what is going on around you during an emergency.  You can get a powered light and radio that can help you stay informed, while also giving you needed light and power.
10. No First Aid Kit One of the first things you might need to gain access to during the case of an earthquake, hurricane, fire, or other disaster is a first-aid kit.  Make sure you have enough first-aid supplies to take care of everyone in your family and enough to care for others who may need your help.
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