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How to Heat an MRE

20 Sep, 2013
How to Heat an MRE
Personally, I am not the best cook; I always seem to burn everything I put my hands on.  However, with a Flameless MRE Heater even I can’t go wrong.  Each MRE heater has easy to follow step by step directions to make sure even the unsavvy cook, such as I, can get it right every time.  Your MRE’s will come out angelic every time. Typically an MRE Ultimate Full Meal will come with the following items: If you don't order the MRE Ultimate Full Meal, make sure that you get some MRE Flameless Heaters. Directions Remove MRE from cardboard carton or locate cardboard sleeve.  Make sure to save the carton to use during the heating process.  Tear open the top of the heater sleeve at top arrow. Insert the unopened meal pouch into the sleeve. Empty entire contents of clear saltwater packet into sleeve.  WARNING:  Keep hands clear of heater pouch opening while pouring in salt water.  The pouch will produce a lot of heat and steam. Fold over the top of excess heater sleeve. This is where the carton you kept in step 1 comes in handy.  Slide the heater sleeve into empty carton.  Make sure the heating element (the white pad inside the plastic bag) is underneath the meal. Give slight incline to the cooking meal by placing a small rock or something underneath the folded end of the heater to make sure water doesn’t leak out. During the cooking process, you should see the package heat up and emit steam like this: After about 12 minutes, meal is ready to eat. Tear heater where indicated to remove MRE pouch. Open pouch and enjoy a hot meal.

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