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20 Items Everyone Needs to Be Prepared

by nicolew 19 May 2016

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Have you ever sat down and actually thought of everything you’d need in order to be prepared for an emergency? No? You aren’t alone; 60 percent of Americans have not practiced what to do in a disaster. 1 This includes developing an emergency communication plan for their family as well as purchasing emergency supplies. The truth is, preparing your family for a disaster cannot be accomplished in one night. That doesn't mean you could start making a game plan today! Last week we covered how long you should prepare for an emergency. Today, we have compiled a list of 20 items everyone needs to be prepared.


1. 72 Hour Kit One of the best ways to make sure you have the bare necessities in a survival situation is to keep your 72 hour kit up to date. These are great bags to have in an easily accessible location, at school, work or in your car.

2. Non-Perishable Food Preparing your home with a sufficient amount of food storage is a must. Depending on how much room you have, dehydrated or freeze dried food can be purchased in buckets, #10 cans and pouches.

3. Water  Without having a sufficient amount of water in your storage, most dehydrated foods cannot be consumed. Make sure to rotate your water at least once a year. We explained in a previous article why it is so important to hydrated in an emergency.

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4. Water Filter  Keeping your water clean is just as important as staying hydrated.

5. Portable Toilets It’s not always guaranteed that a regular toilet will be working properly. Make sure to have a plan b.

6. Multi Fuel Stove  This one is a little self-explanatory. In a survival situation, don’t count on having access to an unlimited amount of propane. Pick a stove that can accommodate to multiple heating sources. The Volcano Collapsible Stove is a great fit. It can heat up by using propane, briquettes and wood.

7. Weapons (Guns, Ammunition, Pepper Spray, Knives, etc.)  Weapons are a great thing to have on hand (literally). They can be used for self-defense, miscellaneous tasks and entertainment. When was the last time you threw knives or shot clay pigeons?

8. First Aid Kit  Accidents are prone to happen and being prepared with the essentials will help you feel more confident that you can handle minor situations. More and more people are adding essential oils like lavender and melaleuca for extra benefits. Also, taking a CPR class is a great way to expand your knowledge of how to handle other critical situations.

9. Copies of Important Documents Make sure to have extra copies of birth certificates, social security numbers, passports, immunizations, titles and other important documents that verify who you are and what is yours.

10. Extra Cash In an emergency situation, accessing money from the banks may become very difficult. Make sure to keep your emergency cash in a safe or some other place that others won’t find.

11. Garden Seeds Storing seeds will enable you to grow vegetation when it’s time to start preparing to be more self-reliant. Seeds need to be rotated every 5 years.

12. Flashlights Having an extra light source will not only help you see at night, it is also a good way to signal to other people or first responders.

13. Warm Clothes Regardless of whether or not it is winter, having warm clothes during an emergency can help decrease the amount of shock you’re in. Wearing warm clothes will also prevent you from becoming sick.

14. 2-Way Radios  We can’t always count on our cell phones working during a disaster. Have a backup plan when it comes to staying in contact with others.

15. Insulated Tent  Tents are the perfect solution when it comes to staying dry and protected from other elements. They are great for 72 hour kits, homes and offices.

16. Rain Gear When clothes get wet, it is hard to stay warm. Dry clothes will also prevent you from getting sick.

17. Sleeping Bags & Blankets  Make sure to choose a sleeping bag that insulates your body heat and can also withstand extreme temperatures.

18. Survival Guide Books Having a book or handout to reference will help calm you and those who are also placed in a stressful situation.

19. Chocolate (or other sweets) Some of us already turn to chocolate and other sweets when faced with stressful situations. Why not store a little extra for “just in case”?

What do you think #20 should be? 


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