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How To Properly Handle a Gun

by nicolew 25 May 2016
Handle a Gun SafelyWhen it comes to preparing for an emergency, it is important to have a weapon. Most preppers will agree that owning a gun (or multiple) is one of the smartest things you can do. Not only will it protect you from unknown elements, it will also provide a way to hunt for food. Now the question is, do you know how to properly handle a gun? As a gun owner, you are responsible for any discharge of the firearm. This includes pointing the gun in an unsafe direction, dropping it or not realizing that it was loaded and someone gets injured.

1. Handle Every Gun As If It Were Loaded

It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to handling a gun. Whenever you pick up a firearm, always do a visual inspection to see if it is loaded. A great routine to get in to is to check to see whether or not it is loaded every time the gun is passed between two people. TIP: Never purchase a gun that you don’t know how to check. Messing around with a gun could be detrimental to your safety.

2. Always Point the Gun in a Safe Direction

Gun enthusiast Mr. Young gave some great advice on pointing your gun in a safe direction.
“If you are at a range, keep it pointed downrange. When reloading, be aware of where the weapon is pointing. It should be pointing at the target, or into the ground. If your weapon is holstered, your holster should direct the muzzle downward at a relatively acute angle. Not poking out from under your arm to endanger everyone standing behind you. If you are hunting, keep your rifles pointing skyward if slung, or into the ground if carried, not aimed at your friend-in-front-of-yours butt. Don’t lean on a rifle. Don’t cowboy-twirl your single-action revolvers.”

3. Always Be Cautious of Your Target and Surroundings

It is important to know where everyone is at all times. Never point or shoot anything you cannot see clearly. Make sure that anyone who is with you is not in danger of being in range of a bullet that may ricochet or stray from the target.

4. Keep Your Finger Away From the Trigger Until You Decide to Shoot

Get in the mindset that if your finger is on the trigger, you intend to shoot what is in front of you. We’ve heard of countless tragedies where someone accidentally shoots a close friend or family member unintentionally. Loaded or not, handle your gun as if it were.

Properly Handle a Gun5. Use Eye and Ear Protection

We understand that keeping your eyes and ears protected when in an emergency can be difficult. However, if you’re hunting or shooting for fun, make sure to use ear plugs and safety glasses.

6. Never Leave Your Gun in an Unsafe Place

Whether you have small children or live alone, always keep your guns in a safe yet easily accessible place. A habit to get into is to keep your gun unloaded and locked away in a safe place. We recommend using a gun safety box. Any negligence on your end when a child is involved will result in you being federally liable. Never rely on just hiding a loaded gun in your home when little kids are there. Their ability to find things is underestimated. It is also important to keep your guns ammunition in a safe place.
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