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Must Have Sanitation & Personal Hygiene Items For An Emergency

by ben 13 Dec 2016

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When a disaster or emergency strikes, it is important to have the necessary sanitation & personal items on hand to prevent you from getting sick. Especially if you have limited resources available. The truth is, most illnesses can be avoided with good hygiene. To help others prepare, even more, we are going to discuss what you need to have with your emergency supplies that’ll help prevent sickness and contamination with everyone in your household.

Necessary Sanitation Supplies

Antibiotic ointment

Toilet Paper rolls

Latex-free gloves - having a stash of gloves can come in handy in various circumstances – medical, sanitation, cooking, etc.

Particle Respirator / Dust Mask - face masks reduce the risk of contracting different strains of the flu and other biological pandemics

Fold to Go Collapsible Toilet – will make it easy to set up a designated area to dispose of waste

Toilet Waste Bags – sealable bags make it easy to dispose of waste

Toilet Deodorizer - the disposable chemicals keep your emergency facilities sanitary, protecting you from unwanted germs

First Aid Kit - most kits include medicine, antiseptics, bandages, dressings and injury treatments While having the necessary sanitation & hygiene supplies is important, make sure to also keep a clean, sanitary source of water at all times. You can store it by using any type of water preserver or filter. When building up your water storage, take into consideration that you’ll need extra water for cleaning your body and other items. When it comes to sanitation with disposing of waste, make sure to use bags that are double bagged and sealable. Always have a designated area where waste is disposed and hand sanitizer readily available after handling.

Must have sanitation & personal hygiene items during an emergency

Tips for staying clean in an emergency

  • Sterilize pots, dishes and eating utensils with heat or rinse in purified water that has chlorine bleach
  • Keep clothes clean and dry – especially socks and underclothing
  • Keep your fingers out of your mouth
  • Avoid handling food with your bare hands

Everyday Personal Hygiene Items

Cleansing Cloths - Fast and easy way to clean your body and save water. Don’t use this as your main way of staying clean as it doesn’t get all of your areas.

Toothpaste & toothbrush - your dental hygiene is just as important as anything else. The last thing you want to experience is issues with your mouth




Travel size body wash

Change of clothes It is important to have a daily sanitation routine while in an emergency or crisis. Not only will it help you psychologically stay calm but it’ll lower your risk of becoming sick or infected. Make sure to pack an individual sanitation & hygiene kit for each member that is specific to their needs. We recommend for starters to buy your everyday needs in travel size. This will save space and last you 3 – 5 days.

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