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Common Questions about the ReadyQ

by marc 01 Dec 2016
Recently, we launched a new, innovative service that has changed emergency preparedness for the better. As you've seen on our website, we offer a service called the ReadyQ. Now, what exactly is it? Great question! Today, we will be answering common questions about the ReadyQ and how to make it a part of your emergency preparedness plan.

Q: What EXACTLY is the ReadyQ?

A: ReadyQ is a free service that enables customers to finally prepare at their own pace for an emergency. Make your 'wish list' of emergency supplies, food and water storage and slowly chip away at it over time with a budget that is reasonable to you.

Q: Is the ReadyQ really free?

A: Yes! The Ready Store created ReadyQ, a helpful emergency preparedness tool to help you plan and budget better for emergencies, at no extra cost.

Q: Is the ReadyQ a payment plan?

A: The ReadyQ allows you to set a budget that works for you. This'll help break down the cost of a long term food storage kit into weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly payments. Whether it be $50 or $200 every month, you have the final say with how much you'll pay. If you want to increase or decrease your budget, you can do that in a matter of a few minutes!

Q: How do I set up my ReadyQ?

A: Follow these simple steps to setup your personalized ReadyQ: Create Your ReadyQ Create Your Account In order to use the ReadyQ, you need to create an account on and fill out the required fields. Common Questions About ReadyQ - Create Your Account Select "My ReadyQ" and follow this easy 5-step process. Step 1: Budget Enter an amount that works for your budget Common Questions About ReadyQ - Set Your Budget Step 2: Frequency Select the date that your first order will ship out. Next, select how often you'd like a shipment sent - weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. You'll always have the freedom to change this date! Common Questions About ReadyQ - Set the Frequency Step 3: Shipping Enter the address of where you'd like to have your ReadyQ orders auto-shipped to Common Questions About ReadyQ - Set up the Shipping Address Step 4: Payment Information Enter your credit card and billing address information Common Questions About ReadyQ - Set up the Payment Method If you are more hands on, watch this video that talks about how to setup your personalized ReadyQ for your emergency preparedness plan.

Q: How do you use the ReadyQ

A: It's simple, go to and start shopping! Below the "Add to Cart" button, click "Add to ReadyQ" and it will automatically send it to your ReadyQ wish list. Add to ReadyQ

Q: Can I edit my ReadyQ?

A: Absolutely! With ReadyQ, you can adjust the quantity and priority of products to what you want to ship out first. Pretty cool, huh?

Q: I was notified that there was an issue with my ReadyQ order, what does that mean?

A: Below we have listed the three reasons why you'd receive this notification: *** Your next product in the queue is priced higher than the budget you selected. Quick Fix: Log into your account to either adjust your budget value or rearrange the items in your ReadyQ. *** You don't have any products scheduled to ship in the ReadyQ Quick Fix: Log into your account and add new items into your ReadyQ. *** Your credit card information has changed or is expired. Quick Fix: Log into your account and update your payment information.

Q: Do I get free shipping with the ReadyQ?

A: No. Only members of the ReadyClub will receive free shipping on all orders. To learn more about how you can start saving more money, click here.

If you have any questions that have not been covered in this post, please contact us or comment below.

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