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Where Should You Hide Your Food Storage?

by nicolew 01 Dec 2016
So you’ve already got enough food and water storage to last you for a couple months but where are you going to put it all? Better yet, how will you protect your hard earned food storage from looters in a state of emergency? Take a deep breath, we have a few suggestions of where you can secretively hide your food storage.

Store Some of Your Food Storage in Plain View

In the event that your house is broken into, looters are going to look for food in the most obvious spots. Usually, they aren’t going to stick around for longer than they need to. If you make it obvious that you have some food, they won’t look any further in the home since they’ll just take what they can carry. Another piece of advice is to not tell all of your friends and family members that you have a sufficient amount of food storage at your home. [caption id="attachment_16406" align="aligncenter" width="723"]SHTF Food Storage Maybe a little too obvious?[/caption]

Make Furniture out of Your Food Storage

A few ideas that have been sent in by our customers include using 5-gallon plastic buckets to make coffee tables and raising your bed to store food underneath. Some have also suggested using it as a backboard to the bed. With a coffee table, find a strong piece of plywood and drape a beautiful tablecloth over the surface. Even put some decorations on top to make it blend in even more.

Inside Solid-Colored Boxes

Consider emptying out the original boxes for electronics, appliances, and other miscellaneous items and stashing food in there. Keep the boxes in an area that would be obvious for placing old boxes that have no real use. Most people won’t be looking through boxes that they assume are empty. SHTF Food Storage

Under Your Garden or in Remote Caches

It is important to keep in mind that if you plan to hide food storage outside, it needs to be sealed well. The last thing you want to happen is little critters getting into your food reserves. When storing food underground, take into consideration that you’ll only be accessing this in an emergency situation. Think about storing emergency supplies like a first aid kit, water packets, flashlights and a weapon.

Maximize Tight or Crawl Spaces in the Home

Whether it be underneath the staircase or in the attic, utilize extra space that is hard to access. Even consider hiding food and water storage behind wall panels that don’t look obvious. To help you think of more creative ways to use space in the home, check out this video of how a local prepper used space underneath his sink. We understand that everyone’s circumstance is different and not all of these ideas will work for you. Our goal is to help you brainstorm innovative ways to not only utilize empty space in the home but also think of where you can hide food storage from potential looters.

What creative ideas do you have to hide food storage?

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